YONEX ARMORTEC 700 LIMITED 2008 Racquet (Dark Red / Black)
YONEX ARMORTEC 700 LIMITED 2008 Racquet (Dark Red / Black)

YONEX ARMORTEC 700 LIMITED 2008 Racquet (Dark Red / Black)

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Item Code: AT700LTD

Colour: Dark Red / Black

Flex: Stiff

Frame: Ultra High Modulus Graphite / gForce Ti

Shaft: Ultra High Modulus Graphite / Ultimum Ti

Weight / Grip Size: 3UG5 (Ave.88g)

Stringing Advice: 3U (20-28lbs)

Product Technologies: 

The Armortec 700 Limited Edition 2008 (3U) has the Armortec 900 Power mixed dark red and black colors with stripes that looks like a dragon scale. On the shaft, an image of a white/silver dragon with fires surrounding the text Armortec 700 Limited. The cover has the printing of dragon and Armortec in gold. Very nice authentic design and use of red, black, and gold(fire) colors. Only 400 pieces are available for the US market.

New dimension in speed and power
Yonex "Power Armor" technology generates more power, deliver more face stability, and provide a robust "metallic feel" on impact.

3% more stability in the face.
The edge of the frame top is reduced to build 3% more face stability into the frame of Yonex Armortec Badminton Racquets, minimizing distortion and maximizing control.

Control Support Cap (CSC)
Control Support Cap (CSC) provides a wider flat surface for easier gripping. It supports a quick swing through and nimble maneuverability.

4% more speed generated by the unique head weighted effect.
The graphite and gForce Ti hybrid construction at the top of Yonex Armortec Badminton Racquets creates a head weighted effect that packs 4% more speed into smash.

Made in Japan